About Me

“Allow your light to shine brightly so others feel comfortable to shine theirs”

(Adapted from Ephesians 5)

I am a PSYCH-K® Facilitator (Master & Advanced Levels) and Level-3 EFT Practitioner, Fabric designer & Animal lover. I was introduced to the Emotional Freedom Technique in 2007 through my dear friend and mentor, David Goodenough in Seattle.

These qualifications of EFT and PSYCH-K® have allowed me, and many of my clients, to shift old emotions and create new positive thoughts, change one’s core beliefs, build self-esteem, or cultivate balance among the visual, auditory, and kinaesthetic parts of us that cause ADD and ADHD symptoms.

The subconscious mind has fascinated me since I was fourteen years old. Decades later, I’m still captivated by the body’s natural ability to heal under the right internal and external conditions.

Early childhood trauma haunted me for over thirty years. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t escape or ignore the resulting patterns of thought and behaviour. I was depressed, overweight, and bulimic. Changing my core beliefs allowed me the freedom to be myself, drop the unnecessary weight & stop the sabotaging patterns holding me trapped.

“People who seek change inspire me.”

I’m grateful to serve the broken and defeated, and I feel privileged to guide my clients as they blossom and fulfil their goals.

As a mother, I’m passionate about sharing the skills young people need to shrug off their day-to-day baggage and take responsibility for their choices.