Relationship issues

Relationship Issues

Do you have relationship issues (with yourself or others) which need to be addressed?

Sharon wanted to break the very negative pattern of abuse in her life. She had always been bullied at school, chosen the wrong friends who took her for granted, used and manipulated her. She chose jobs where the bosses made inappropriate advances and threatened job security, boyfriends who were physically and emotionally abusive. What surfaced as the root cause of all her heartache was abuse which had occurred in her early childhood. Sadly, when children are abused they often do not learn how to have safe and appropriate boundaries and so continue to attract abusive people and situations. “Saying NO is not an option”, so the cycle of victimization spirals. She gently learnt to use her voice, to honour and trust her instincts about people, to stand up for herself with kindness and integrity and to feel more in charge of her life, her choices and the outcomes.

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