Pet needing help

Pet Needing Help

Do you have a pet who needs help?

Imogen’s horse started limping badly after their last contest. The Vet cleared Byron of any physical ailments, however Imogen still couldn’t ride him or train for the upcoming competition. After a little exploration it surfaced that Imogen had been really annoyed at a mistake they had made in their last contest, causing them to drop valuable points and only come in 3rd place. Going out on a limb (excuse the pun), I worked with Byron on feelings of rejection and blame, just to clear the horse of any negative emotions he may be holding. I then did a Relationship Balance between horse and rider. Within a couple of days Byron’s limp had vanished and training resumed. It was all smiles and ribbons at the competition the following month too.

Career or academic challenges

Career or Academic Challenges

Do you need help with your career or academic challenges?

Jono needed to learn a new computer program in order to advance his career, but he just couldn’t get to grips with it. Not only could he not understand it, but he procrastinated on reading manuals or following YouTube tutorials because he mentally “shut down” when he thought of this new subject. He felt defeated and inadequate! After working with him he was able to set aside his resistance to the new program and embrace the fact that he was moving forward and able to up-skill himself. He shifted many false beliefs about education and about being worthy of a new job and was able to really invest his energy into not only learning the new technology, but was able to tutor other people who sought his help.

Relationship issues

Relationship Issues

Do you have relationship issues (with yourself or others) which need to be addressed?

Sharon wanted to break the very negative pattern of abuse in her life. She had always been bullied at school, chosen the wrong friends who took her for granted, used and manipulated her. She chose jobs where the bosses made inappropriate advances and threatened job security, boyfriends who were physically and emotionally abusive. What surfaced as the root cause of all her heartache was abuse which had occurred in her early childhood. Sadly, when children are abused they often do not learn how to have safe and appropriate boundaries and so continue to attract abusive people and situations. “Saying NO is not an option”, so the cycle of victimization spirals. She gently learnt to use her voice, to honour and trust her instincts about people, to stand up for herself with kindness and integrity and to feel more in charge of her life, her choices and the outcomes.

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Excel in sport

Excel in Sport

Do you have a sport you’d like to excel in?

Robert loved basketball and wanted to move up from the 2nds to the school’s first team. He put in countless hours of practise after school and over weekends but never quite seemed to improve his goal rate. I helped him to map out his goal in Visual, Auditory and Kinaesthetic terms and then assisted him to change the limiting beliefs which had surfaced. It wasn’t long before his score-rate increased and he soared into the first team, going on to play for his university also.

Body image issues

Body Image Issues

Do you have body image issues you’d like to be free of?

Emily was eating a healthy diet and exercising regularly, yet couldn’t shift her weight. Within our first session it became clear to me that it wasn’t safe for her to reach her goals of having a slim, fit, sexy body. Growing up – there was an unspoken “rule” in her life that she could never “outshine” her sister. So she grew up underplaying herself, staying under the radar and never drawing attention to herself, never exceeding at school or work or in her personal life, in case it made her sister look less than perfect. Through the PSYCH-K® process she was able to shift this belief and shine in her own right, finally able to reach her hard worked for goals.